Greetings from The Peace

Markdown, BBCode or HTML, eh? Sort of like needing javascript turned on in order to login I suppose.

I’m a dinosaur, far more comfortable with FORTRAN.

In any event, I am from Dawson Creek, BC, Canada; which is where the Alaska Highway starts. Part of the watershed of the Peace River of NE British Columbia and northern Alberta. Commonly called “The Peace”. Lots of farming up here (56N), lots of flowers and lots of bees.

I’ve been pretty much all Linux since 1.2.13. I’ve had some good luck with Docker stuff where someone else has packaged things up. But most of what I’ve tried to do from scratch has typically succumbed to rm -r. Back in the Perl-4 days, I ported most of Perl to QNX-2.x (not the networking stuff). I’ve used 8 inch floppy drives and real winchesters. Need time to get a bunch of RPi and Arduino going. I did GPS and geostatistics stuff using GRASS and custom code.

I’ve been building up my compute resources to try and look at local (The Peace is about the size of Germany) weather and climate. I have 44 amd64 cores, around 15 TFLOPs of GPU (all RX-[45][67]0) and if I get my hardware updates finished early this winter, about 20 TB of RAID-10 and various other non-RAID storage. Much of the user data is on btrfs. O/S tends to be on SSD.

I could be interested in distributed/parallel computation with ODM. Most of my machines have an assortment of the libraries needed installed. No time yet to dabble. In terms of GPU, I am hoping the Mesa3D/clover gets there, I dislike installing proprietary toolkits.

Hey @Gord :hand: welcome!! Glad to have another Linux veteran in the forum :slight_smile: (I started using Linux when Mandrake used to sell CD installations and I had no internet).

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