Gpu or cpu setting…

Because of the differences in result when processing on CPU or GPU I think there should be a setting for it on the settings page.

I really don’t want to go into the code for this.


There is… Start with --gpu to use GPU. If you start without it doesn’t use it.
No idea for windows native.

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I’m on windows native so no, there no such setting.

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I have the native version too but I had a issue with it not using enough ram do you have this issue too?

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Not at the moment.

But the OS handles the ram/swap stuf so I don’t think ODM kan do much about it.

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You can set an Environment Variable:

For me, I’ve chosen System-wide (System variables).

You make a New one and then set the parameters:

To Edit your environment variables, search for edit the system environment variables in your Windows Start Menu:

Then click on the Environment Variables button towards the bottom:

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Where do I find that?

Not in WebODM windows native.

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Sorry, see above for further context/steps.

That’s not a good way to do it, better make a setting in the software.

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This is the supported method at the moment and it aligns with what we do on Linux/Docker.

I agree that we can improve the UX, but this should work for your needs for the time being.

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