GPU Acceleration w/ AMD

Good afternoon, I’m unable to find anything on this here… is there a timeline for adding GPU acceleration with AMD Radeon Pro 5500M in the future?


Unless AMD gains support for CUDA, I would think it would be unlikely, unfortunately.

There is the recent SYCLomatic project from Intel that allows other platforms to run transpiled CUDA code, but I’ve not seen much about it yet.

I also have a AMD Radeon GPU, a RX5600 I think.

how can I know if I can use it for any advantage with WebODM?

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You will not be able to as the Radeon hardware/software stack does not support CUDA, which we use for GPU acceleration.

oo sad thing.
ok, I understand

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I’m waiting for more news about Intel’s SYCLomatic to see if it might be an option to extend GPU processing to other GPUs, but there isn’t much out there yet about it.

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