GPS is in Exif BUT no orthophoto


I am new with ODM. Installation worked BUT I ahve uploaded pics from a mapping with my DJI Mavic Enterprise and I get the error message:

  • An orthophoto could not be generated. To generate one, make sure GPS information is embedded in the EXIF tags of your images, or use a Ground Control Points (GCP) file.

I have checked the pics with GIMP and GPS data is available?

What is wrong ?

Thanks for your help

Kind regards

Can you share a sample of your photos?

No problem :slight_smile:


I don’t see any EXIF in this photo, and it’s <2 MB, but it may be going through some changes in the process of being posted as an attachment here on the forum. Can you share a dropbox or google drive link with some (or all) of the original photos as copied from the Mavic?

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Hi Corey,

I have found the error.
The GPS Data structure was wrong in the settings of my Mavoc Enterprise. Now it works.
Thanks for your support

Kind regards


Excellent! Glad it’s sorted. Happy flying.

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