GPS data in EXIF for orthomosaic in vertical scanning

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I was looking for information on which is the valid format for adding GPS info to EXIF into the images. I search and I didn’t find anything. In our flights, we generate a file storing the GPS information, and I just did a programme to pass it to the correspondent GPS EXIF field (longitude, latitude, altitude), but I have the feeling that something I am not doing right, since the orthomap looks weird.
Currently my EXIF info looks like this:


So, I am wondering which are the compulsory fields needed to take this information into account for the orthomosaic, do I need more info??. And in the case of trying to reconstruct vertical elements, e.g. building facade, or a windturbine, how this GPS information is taken into account?? Is there any documentation out there somewhere?

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To make sure you’re doing this correctly, try using ddb.

ddb set file.JPG --gps lat,lon,alt

Lat/lon in decimal degrees, alt in meters. Makes the process a lot easier (and since I wrote the tool I have good confidence it will set the appropriate values).

Then if the problem persists, maybe the root cause is elsewhere.