GoPro 10 the story

I getting good at using GoPro 10 for reconstruction.

Used one GoPro for the point cloud in the images, took photos att different hights and angles.
58 photos in total and there was 3 GCP’s.

Got one more GoPro now and a remote so i can be more effictive, got a 6 meter pole on the way to help.

Perfect for areas where a drone cant be used or isnt allowed to be flown.

I will upload more samples when I get my big pole.


Looks excellent!

They’re really squeezing the image quality out of that form-factor, and the internal IMU isn’t a bad deal either!

That looks really good!
What FOV are you using on the gopro… have you experimented with that?
If you have multiple gopro’s, you could also experiment with mounting them at say a right angle to each other and setting the FOV reasonably wide so you get good overlap between the two cameras. Might allow for more and more even coverage.

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I shoot raw at iso 100, the jpg’s strait out is unusable.

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