Google Cloud typical cost for ODM


I’ve read here about the possiblity to use Google Cloud Computing for ODM:

I have 2 short questions about that:

  1. Does anyone may share his experience about the typical cost for a map with (let’s say) around 300 images? (using standard ODM settings and e.g. a standard machine “n2-standard-8” with 8vCPU & 32GB) BTW: Would that be a good choice or rather using Compute-optimized is clever?
  2. What kind of google cloud product do I need to register for when I want to use the Docker-Version, as discribed in the link above? → “Compute engine” or “Cloud Run”? (GoogleCloudOverview)

Thanks and all the best


I believe Abhiroop has done some articles on this:
Pix4D vs DroneDeploy vs Agisoft vs MME vs WebODM: A Comparison of Processing Costs | Flykit Blog


Thanks! This is quite a very good overview and basically what I’m looking for. Can be closed now :slight_smile:


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