Ginetto introduction

  • What do you do?
    I’m QGIS core developer involved in PDAL and general hacking.
    I’m one of the founder of qcooperative
    more details in

  • How did you get into drones?
    Now working (also) for a drone/survey company INSITU( that want to move to FOSS with ODM and QGIS and more.

  • How are you using/hoping to use the software?
    Entered in the forum to find best FOSS tool to create GCPs via web (not useing QGIS) => GCPi… but lask of functionaility that I need and I wont to add if there is no alternative.

  • What are you working on currently? Any projects you’d like to share or talk about?
    I’m not directly involved in ODM, my project part is to ortorectify via GDAL satellite images. I found a lack of web tools to create GCPs useful for a more precide ortorectification… also because auto discover of GCPs (SIFT, SURF, etc) is still an open point for stellite multispectral images => need a manual process.

I hope to contribute in some way

Luigi Pirelli


Hey Luigi, welcome! :slight_smile: An improved GCP interface has been on the top priority list for ODM for a while. Maybe we’ll find some opportunities for collaboration.

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I’m not a JS or react developer… but I’ll do the best I can. probably better use geotiff.js but limiting to geotiff only.

Welcome! I know you’ve moved on to other ideas for the moment, but what were you trying to accomplish with a GCP interface? Something that georeferences resultant tifs, or something that references the raw data that goes into the photogrammetry toolchain?

sorry my late anserm I didn’t receive your post… or I missed it somewhere! btw…

Yes, I need to prepare GCP to ortorectify tiffs… the project merge sat images and drone acquired ones… all running on cloud.
I’ve the tiff alredy almost ortorectified via gdal using related RCPs and geoid, but I still have 1.x meters of error… I need more accurancy 30/60 cm.
Automatic feature extracion on sat images is still an open point not yet reliable… all tests I did using SIFT, SURF, etc agls do not give me reliable results… also trying to match in the same images with slight rotation! => GCPi to have a web interface to setup GCPs.