Getting the area of the orthophoto


I’m using the docker to create an orthophoto in the following way:

docker run --name myodmdocker -v /home/ec2-user/proj:/datasets/code opendronemap/odm --project-path /datasets --pc-quality high --use-hybrid-bundle-adjustment --orthophoto-compression LZW --skip-3dmodel --fast-orthophoto --optimize-disk-space --orthophoto-resolution 0.7 --dem-resolution 5 --dtm

The datasets size may vary from few hundreds to few thousands. When the docker is finished, I’m reading from odm_report/stats.json > processing_statistics[‘area’] the area of the ortho, however looks like that is not the actual size, e.g I have an ortho with the size of 502536.11 square meter, but the data in stats.json says it is 575.658 square meters (or maybe it is not meters?).

Sadly I cannot share here the data.

Is area data stored somewhere else? Should I use gdal to calculate it?


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The area of stats.json refers to the point cloud area (approximately), not of the orthophoto. The orthophoto is cropped by default and the cropped area is not removed from the calculation. I suspect that if you pass --crop 0 to avoid cropping, values will be closer then.


Ok, thanks for clearing it out.

Can you please tell me what is the unit of the data in “area”?


m^2 ?

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