Getting "Max Image Count Exceeded" how to fix?

I am new to webODM. I initially created two projects successfully. Now, each time I try to make a new project, It turns red, stops, and gives me the message: “Max Image Count Exceeded” . How can I fix this issue?

If you’re using the processing nodes from do you have sufficient credits to process images?

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Thank-you for replying. I do not understand how to check my credits to process images. How do I add credits? Do credits = money or payment? please advise, and Thanks.

Just log-in to Drone & UAV Mapping Software | WebODM, it’s all there.

Thanks. I now realize that WebODM requires credits to use. So, I began to load ODM using command line yesterday. It has been loading for over 12 hours now - in particular it is loading several PIDs - Product or Process IDs. I am wondering if something is wrong. How long does it take in general to load the software into a PC using Git Bash, and Docker? Can it take over 12 hours?

PS. My computor has 16 gigs of Ram, 200 gigs of hard drive space, and an i7 proessor with ssd drive.

No. you don’t have to.

There are processing nodes. Choose the local one.
And the running time is real long depend on how many images. But it is super super long.
Webodm doesn’t use gpu to help the process. It makes very slow.

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