Getting a georeferenced point cloud without creating a textured mesh

I’m trying to get a georeferenced point cloud, but I can’t seem to figure out how to skip the odm_meshing and mvs_texturing steps.

I’ve tried running two command that go something like this:

run --end-with odm_filterpoints
run --rerun odm_georeferencing

I was hoping that this way it would skip the meshing and texturing step, but it doesn’t work. Does the rerun command also run all the previous stages that haven’t been done yet?

If that is the case, can someone tell me how I can just get the georeferenced laz file without the meshing/texturing? I don’t understand why I am forced to execute these stages while they are not necessary to create the laz file.

NOTE: I’ve tried the --skip-3dmodel argument, but that doesn’t work either.

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What version are you using? With 2.8.7 and parameters like skip-3dmodel and skip-orthophoto, it will pass through those stages to do some minimal required work, but does not spend any significant time there and should be much faster than not skipping them on the same dataset with otherwise same parameters.

I’m using version 2.8.6. I’m think that the -skip-3dmodel and -skip-orthophoto parameters do speed up the process a bit, but those stages still take a very long time. I can see that the output files are still being created in the odm_meshing and odm_texturing folders. I think there is no valid reason for these files to be made when only the laz file is needed. Really skipping these steps would in my case save about 33% of the total processing time.

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