Georeference each individual photo?

Is it possible to georeference each individual photo from a dataset used for an orthophoto?

I’ve tried dronedb (macOs available soon?) and it’s a good tool for that but it is based on exif data so georeferenced photos are not as precise as I would.

So, is ODM able to output georeferenced tiff for each image or calculated GCP for each image in order to georeference automatically them?

Thanks for tips.

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I’m having a bit of trouble understanding exactly what you’re asking for. Do you have any examples or mock-ups to show what this process would look like?


Do you mean each photo should be placed on the right position with the right angle? I don’t think ODM does this, but there should be a list of images with their metadata. May this can help.

have a lot of fun

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Thanks useher and Saijin for taking attention on my request.
Yes, It’s absolutly that. I would like each individual photo to be georeferenced, in addition of the orthomosaic.
DroneDb does that but not as precise as I need.

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This is a request we see periodically: just rarely enough it’s never been added as a core feature, but just often enough to know it is a use case. The good news is, we happily take contributions. The bad news is, no one has yet contributed this functionality. :smiley:

The trick, if you have some programming in your toolkit is to break up the existing pipeline similar to this: Extracting orthorectified images - #3 by smathermather

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Interesting! I hadn’t seen this thread…


I’m in the process of writing a tool (for another purpose, but will probably make its way into ODM or at least be usable with ODM) that will allow orthorectification of individual photos. No code has been written yet so I don’t have anything to share at present.

I also heard that the Orfeo Toolbox has a functionality to do this, although I haven’t tried it and looks a bit intricate to setup OrthoRectification — Orfeo ToolBox 8.1.1 documentation


Your tool sounds awesome!

Orefeo Toolbox is really easy to setup and use from within QGIS. I’ll try to test this module out later this week.


You weren’t kidding, this is a whole process. Gotta read the docs for this one.


Here’s the code! ODM/contrib/orthorectify at master · OpenDroneMap/ODM · GitHub

A bit rough, certainly not fast, but works!


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