Geolocation files versus EXIF and omega/phi/kappa versus pitch/roll/yaw

ODM help advises that omega/phi/kappa angles are currently ignored in geolocation files. Are pitch/roll/yaw angles in EXIF data likewise ignored at present? Is there an approximate time line for implementing use of these angles?

Without being too demanding, I would like to suggest that, when the time comes, geolocation files support either omega/phi/kappa or pitch/roll/yaw. Conversion between the two sets of angles seems non-trivial, as indicated here:

Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and season’s greetings to all!

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We just released ODM 2.7.0, which supports reading YPR angles, as well as setting them from the geolocation files (in OPK convention).

You can then choose --sfm-algorithm triangulation to use the angles during reconstruction.

We’ll need to update the documentation (interested in helping us with that? GitHub - OpenDroneMap/docs: 🎉 Contribute to OpenDroneMap's documentation! Read how below! 🎉)


Thanks Piero, what perfect timing! I gather the ODM_Setup_2.7.0.exe will be on Github shortly.

I will be glad to help with updating the documentation. What are the other options and the default for the new --sfm-algorithm option?

Any suggestions for converting YPR to OPK without having to implement this from scratch?

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You can find the conversion YPR → OPK implemented here: Extract OPK angles from XMP by pierotofy · Pull Request #838 · mapillary/OpenSfM · GitHub

Default for for sfm-algorithm is incremental.

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Thanks for the YPR to OPK implementation. Do you perhaps have a small simple set of test data for this?

I have updated the Options and Flags documentation.


I installed ODM 2.7.0 and ran a small dataset with sfm-algorithm set to incremental and set to triangulation to compare results. Unfortunately there seem to be some teething pains.

I have uploaded lo-res JPEGs of the orthophotos, the log files, and one sample input image. They can be downloaded here. The dataset has 73 images.

Please let me know if you would like any other information.

Have a nice holiday weekend and we will carry on sometime next week.

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