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is there solution to using geo.txt file in webODM? how do I pass it in? I placed geo.txt in the images folder but that did not get recognized. I couldn’t find any place in the option list to specify the geo.txt file location.

This is the webODM I am using

Tnx !

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Hey, how did you generate it?

Is it possible it is malformed?

it looks like this and on it goes…

DSC05630.JPG   -24.8201276   -49.1365999   707.88
DSC05631.JPG   -24.82008   -49.1364275   707.51

but is there a way to specify the path? is it supossed to be in the images folder?

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The file must be named geo.txt (lowercase) and you upload it along with the images.

WebODM / NodeODM will pick it up and use it.


I can confirm that I have done this in the latest WebODM/NodeODM.


Tnx for the replies.

I tried again using a file of the form below named geo.txt placed in the images folder

DSC07159.JPG   -25.8239749   -49.1362367   704.02
DSC07160.JPG   -25.8241148   -49.1363349   704.63
DSC07161.JPG   -25.8242632   -49.136431   705.08
DSC07162.JPG   -25.8243947   -49.1365169   705.73

and I got these warnings in the log

[INFO]    Running dataset stage
[INFO]    Loading dataset from: /var/www/data/e97dbf59-9e3c-45d4-b885-be15f0bf4a34/images
[INFO]    Loading 616 images
[INFO]    Parsing SRS header: EPSG:4326
[INFO]    Updated 0 image positions
[INFO]    Wrote images database: /var/www/data/e97dbf59-9e3c-45d4-b885-be15f0bf4a34/images.json
[INFO]    Found 616 usable images
[WARNING] GPS position not available for DSC07159.JPG
[WARNING] GPS position not available for DSC07160.JPG
[WARNING] GPS position not available for DSC07161.JPG
[WARNING] Could not generate coordinates file. The orthophoto will not be georeferenced.

What is it that I am missing?

Appreciate the help.

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Lowercase/uppercase filenames mismatch?

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