Generate orthophoto from dense cloud (without mesh)

Is it possible to generate the orthophoto from the dense point cloud, without having to create the mesh?

In Metashape this is possible and saves some time as the mesh creation is quite time-consuming.

It is not possible with ODM.

By reading your other posts, please note that ODM does not (and will not) try to emulate Metashape in every aspect. There will always be some differences.

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It is not possible with ODM.


…ODM does not (and will not) try to emulate Metashape…

That’s great, I don’t expect it to. I’m sorry for posting several Metashape-related questions in sequence, but maybe I should explain the reason.

I though about making a blog post comparing the entire 3D reconstruction process in Metashape and WebODM, but to do that I need to know those things. Maybe I should’ve made one big topic with several questions (I still have more).

I’m a strong advocate for FOSS, and people around me know that. I ditched Arc for GRASS back in 2003 and have been using and teaching it since (I keep the only full course on GRASS completely written in Portuguese, and teach it in graduate-level classes). I’ve had my eyes on ODM for a while now (had it installed natively on Ubuntu, then VirtualBox, and even vagrant), but only now I’m finding some time to explore it. I’ve read the docs and the book but it’s not the same. We need to use it to actually feel how it’s different from other software.

So when it comes to UAV/SfM-MVS software, I get questions about how ODM compares to Agisoft. I can’t say much about other places, but here in Brazil, Agisoft is used by the majority of people in academia and in the private sector. After all, they do have a great product, with a reasonable price (especially for the academic license), multiplatform, and which delivers good results.

In the GRASS community, it is very common to see questions about how to do something in GRASS that Arc does. Because a lot of people use Arc, and many want to try GRASS (or even migrate), so they need to know if their needs are fulfilled.

So questions about how GRASS compares to Arc are expected, and in my opinion, needed. Otherwise, how would we show anyone that GRASS is just as powerful (or more) than Arc?

The same goes for ODM. There are several options for SfM-MVS out there, but which one I should indicate for a friend who has a 3-men company? People out there not only want but need to know the differences and similarities between these solutions. That’s one of the reasons why I asked in the Arena post if you guys were planning to publish a paper with the results. Because it’s important.


No worries. Questions are very much welcome, especially ones in good spirit. And Agisoft is very much the software to beat in almost every category. When people ask me what I would use if not for ODM, Agisoft is the answer I give.

And the deep reviews that you and others do is a very important part of the ecosystem development, and part of the openness of the project (not just the code is open).

So: thanks for asking lots of deep questions and keep it up.


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