Generate contours from modified mesh

I am designing ground works to be carried out and want to produce a current and proposed contour map.

I’ve successfully processed my aerial photos and generated a great orthomosaic image, contour lines, and model etc. Thanks to everyone for such a good application! :slight_smile:

The contour lines have imported into QGIS perfectly and look great over the image.

I have taken the textured mesh and imported it into Blender for modification. I have designed my terraces and ponds etc.

I now want to export another set of contour lines but based on my modified model.

I have tried various techniques in Blender, MeshLab and QGIS to produce contours from my modified model, but they come out with glitches, or lacking elevation values, or just not quite right.

The contours created by WebODM were pretty perfect, and I feel like I’m re-inventing the wheel here trying to replicate them! Surely the best way to generate similar contours would be the same method?

Can I just pass the model to the contour generator somehow or do I need to re-import it to a project? Is it even possible? How would I go about this final step?

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Is Blender preserving the georeferencing? Are you using the BlenderGIS extension to make sure import/export handles height values and such successfully?

What we’re using for contour generation is the GRASS GIS module, but what you said about things glitching after modification in Blender has me a bit worried about the state of the data and the mesh.

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