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I am planning to fly a drone around a building capturing RGB and thermal images, and I hope that this software can be used to build a model from that data. I had a few questions I haven’t been able to find the answers to listed below. Hopefully someone can help!

  1. What is the recommended horizontal overlap?
  2. What is the recommended vertical overlap?
  3. Do you offer thermal overlay capabilities?
  4. Is there an image limit?
  5. Are there recommended curve trajectories for corners? If so, how do you handle corners?
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  1. In excess of 65%, recommended 80%+ for 3D models
  2. Same as above
  3. Not directly. You can try to process the thermal as a separate task and view it as a separate layer group in the View Map (Project) part.
  4. Not a practical one locally, no. RAM/storage limited. Cloud service limits are here: Pricing | WebODM
  5. I have not seen specific best-practices for this. I think corners tend to reconstruct well given sufficient overlap/sidelap as per above.
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