GDAL version not working

Just ran WebODM yesterday. I’m always in a habit in performing a update before performing a new task. It says I’m using GDAL 3.0.3 and it requires GDAL 2.1 or higher. won’t load local host.

bash log below.

"Checking python version… 3.x, good!
webapp | Checking GDAL version… GDAL 3.0.3, released 2020/01/08
webapp |
webapp | ====================
webapp | You’re almost there!
webapp | ====================
webapp | Your system is currently using a version of GDAL that is too old, or GDAL is not installed. You need to install or configure your system to use GDAL 2.1 or higher. If you have installed multiple versions of GDAL, make sure the newer one takes priority in your PATH environment variable.

Yep, it’s a bug. We have a fix already in place. Wait an hour and update/retry?

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