GCPI Manually Add Coordinates

Is there any way to manually add the known coordinates to the pixels of the images? E.g. coordinates from points surveyed with an external GPS with higher accuracy?

At this stage I can only think of a workaround to …

  1. create a GCP file in the interface (because selecting pixels is very easy therein)
  2. set the approximate positions of the selected GCPs so you can retrieve them in e.g. QGIS
  3. export the file
  4. open file and manually change the approximate locations selected in the map in the GCPI to the known locations with higher accuracy

Is there any way to e.g. click on a GCP and manually enter the known, high accuracy position e.g. from an external GPS?

If not, that would be a feature I would really love to see in the future! :slightly_smiling_face: :slight_smile:

Upload a GPS like this: https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/odm_data_copr/blob/master/gcp_list_noimg.txt and then you can associate the coordinates with the images.

It’s an undocumented feature, so it’d be great if you have success and can provide documentation.

Thanks @smathermather. Just one question, as I understand the GCPI needs UTM projection. The exemplary file referred by you is in EPSG:4326. Is this a glitch or should/must (?) the file be in WGS84?

Blockquote it’d be great if you have success and can provide documentation.

-> will do!

It gets converted to UTM in the GCP interface if you use geographic.

I have a gcp_list_noimg.txt file that I’ve loaded into GCPi. It’s displaying the points on the leaflet map within the study area. I’ve got a collection of images showing that area and have selected one of them. Is there a way to use the existing gcp point shown on the map and lock it to the corresponding (free) gcp in the image? On the map I have the existing gcp point and the unlocked point. What’s the right way to lock the existing point to the point in the corresponding image so that I can generate a new gcp_list file with points and images?

Aha - I think I can answer my own question. Simply delete the selected free point in the map, then move the image point to the proper location and un-select it! Once the points are properly located, link them by selecting the gcp point showing in the map. Both the image point and the gcp point should turn green indicating that you have a paired set of points.