GCPi for projected images + auto location


my first post…

  • What I’m doing:
    I’m involved in a project with satellite and drone images… actually I need to precise ortorectify satellite images. I reach good accuracy usign gdalwarp, but I need to reduce the error and I need GCPs.

  • premise
    my toosl have to run in a (proprietary) cloud platform => I can’t use QGIS or Gras or any desktop utility to setup GCPs => I focused on GCPi

  • limitations

  • I need to use geotiff (blueimp-load-image/ImageReader react module is limited to jpeg and png) => I want to introduce gdal reader in Image component
  • (for the reference map) Not all map services offer tile service… usually only WMS or WMTS => I can introduce leaflet.tile.wms instead of only leaflet.tile data source
  • would be fine to link image location to leaflet zoom… especially after set first groud control points can help to pre-zoom on location… similar as in desktop qgis plugin: http://plugins.qgis.org/plugins/J_Rectifier/
  • the question
    Before to start hacking GCPi and produce PRs, I would ask if there are web based alternatives to GCPi and if so, some of them cover some of my requirements.

Luigi Pirelli

I personally haven’t seen other web based GCP interfaces (not open source, at least).

There was another thread on GCP interfaces a week or two ago that you might find helpful:

Yes I read it… but not useful code I was able to find in that demos session for at least my needs. In the sense code probably works, but hard to adapt to another UI at least with my knowledge.
Did you evaluated to add more features to GCPi?

The one included with ODM? No. I’m not a Python programmer - it’s one of the languages I’m interested in learning but I don’t have a lot of free time due to work. Creating a Perl solution to a problem is usually much faster for me.

now I’ve to suspend working on this doing other project related stuffs… but the actual state of the art is to use geotiff.js instead of node-gdal. The reasons are:

  1. node-gdal is hard to match all requirements, at least on my linux box
  2. in node-gdal documetnation I can’t find a documeted way to manage onError onSuccess events or generally a “normal” integration with JS or react. It’s great to allow managing any existing georeference filte type… but I leave integration this complexity to others.
  3. seems other choosed the same e.g. use geotiff.js instead of node-gdal for great earth observation portals (https://github.com/geotiffjs/cog-explorer) and EOX related stuffs.
    The main idea is to hack Imagery.loadImage class to use geotiff.js in case blueimp-load-image.ImageLoader fail.

Others interested in contributing in GCPi? hopefully with more knoledge of JS/Ract than me :wink:


I’m hoping to find time to rewrite it from scratch sometimes later this year (but can’t make promises).

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