GCP to Local Grid

I have my GCP to a localised grid is there any way I can use a projection string to get my output to this grid rather than UTM?


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Our outputs are always in the most appropriate local UTM zone.

You can use something like QGIS for transformations to another CRS.

If the images are georeferenced, the control points must be georeferenced as well. From which two options arise: georeferencing the points or removing the georeferencing of the images.
To georeference the control points, you must know the parameters that relate them to the local system with some global system. If you knew the coordinates of at least three control points in a global reference system, we could estimate the transformation parameters that allow all control points to be georeferenced.
To remove the georeferencing of the images, a program like exiftool is necessary. Then you could say that the points are referenced in any global system in which their coordinates make sense and all derived products will be georeferenced based on that system (transformed to the UTM zone in which that global position, albeit fictitious, belongs).
I performed processing with both methods, and without a doubt the best thing is to be able to reference the points globally, but for that the position and global orientation of the local system must be known. When it is not possible to determine them, I saw no option other than to remove the georeferencing tags from the images.

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