GCP processing issue


My first attempt to use GCP to archive better accuracy seem to be more challenging than I expected.

3 GCP was marked on tarmac (named 1,2,3) and 2 GCP was manually added by using some visible sign and named 4 and 5).

Well ODM said that Process exited with code 1

Tried 2 times to locate thus GCP in images, but results was same exited with code 1.

gcp_list.txt file GPS coordinates are same from top to end “25.54 64.90”, so could that be a reason why processing fails, because there aren’t any real coordinates

Well whole package

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Three is pretty low. What was their spatial distribution?

Hi Cubio,

I’m sure the coordinates must be different for each GCP.
Edit the txt file manually with the real coordinates and restart process.


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Tried, but it throw general error.