GCP Pro editor and Google Maps base

I like using this program, but not with Google based maps … especially since it begins somewhere in upper Minnesota, and I have to scroll down to northeast Ohio … Google Maps is great, but not for GCP’s

I have, available to me much more accurate maps with more precise SPC data(to reduce to Long, Lat), and LIDAR to determine elevation … I can make these photos available in JPG, JPG200, tif, tiff or whatever format can be used, but can I have WebODM actually use these as the base map and rid myself of the Google base map?

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We don’t have an easy-to-use way to change or add custom basemaps across the WebODM suite yet, no.

If you really wanted to, you can modify the files on disk to accomplish this but this is unsupported.

However, we are tracking this feedback.

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