GCP Medium sea Level / point elevation

Hello, i hope you good there guys.

im new using WEBODM to process images. im trying to work in real medium sea level points elevation. i process the pictures with 3GCP but the 3D model just have the correct elevation in one GCP.

how can i fix it ?

thanks in advance

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How many images are you tagging per GCP?

How well-distributed are your GCPs across your study site?

Hello Naib,

10 images + o - per GCP

about the distribution

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How are you collecting the GCP?

Are you using a marker, hand-held GPS? RTK?

RTK and total station Combination.


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And what are you using as GCP markers in your scene? Can you reliably pick the same spot?

pant & yes,
i make a 3D model with other pictures in other zone and its good result.

idk here what happen

Which GCP is working properly?

Anything different about the other two?

the middle is working good!

the other have 10 meters diferent MSL + o -
if you want i can send you the images

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Sure, if you like you can upload the images and the gcp_list.txt to dronedb.app and I’ll try to take a look at it soon to see if anything obvious is amiss.

send you the link drive by mail

oiyndunl863zdqcv DroneDB

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