GCP interface for tiff files (Multispectral)

Is there a way to use the interface os it’s just for JPG?
If not what woould you suggest could be an option to retrieve.

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Are you using POSM GCPi or GCP Editor Pro?

I presume it is the POSM GCPi.
I did not know there was a pro. Does it work with TIFF?
That’s part of the Open Drone map, right?
Do I have to pay for it?
I already have a lighting subscription and paid for the installation.
Is there some kind of discount or anything?

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I just tried the pro as well.
It does not support tif. At least not the ones from Micasense.
It says it has no exif gps data.
And these images are automatically tagged with gps and other metadata.

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EXIF or XMP? Are you able to share test data?

It says exif.
check the images attached

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Everything looks proper with them.

We have an issue for this open:

Would you like to add your voice there in support of it?

And if you need a refund since we don’t currently support TIFFs, please reach out to [email protected].

I hope we’ll have this supported soon :slight_smile:

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