GCP ... GCP01, renamed gcp0?

My intent is to call “gcp”, with personal, unique reference … GAR, HSE, PST, PCL, etc. …
Presently, I only use gcpXX, or GCPXX, I always prefer CAPS(easier to see) …
I never use gcp00, or gcp0, always prefer the first control point to be gcp1 or GCP01

It seems that WebODM, is shifting my number to make my first gcp be gcp0, even though the file in the work fold calls for GCP01.

Does this mean that “unique”, identifiers must follow the gcp00, gcp01, gcp02 … format, and if so do these numbers have to be numerically sequential, and not be an ascii descriptor?

We already note that issue in another thread :

From my experience you can name your gcps as you want but the report will rename/renumber them.
There are already various topics on reworking the report but it is a huge work.

sorry … I did a search but missed this posting …

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No problem, it is important to signal it so we know it’s a wanted feature :wink:

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