GCP error, Task output: no valid GCP entries could be used

Hello everyone,

I am a surveyor from Belgium and i am exploring the capabilities of webODM.
I really love it so far, but today i stumbled upon a error when i tried processing with a GCP document for the first time.

Task output GCP error.pdf (66.0 KB)
gcp_file.pdf (113.1 KB)

I thought i found a solution: at first the names of my drone photo’s had spaces in them, and on this forum someone said that could be the problem. But after renaming and redoing the GCP file, it still gave this error.

Can someone help me please?

Extra info:

  • i didn’t tune any parameters (ran it as default)
  • I’m running it on a windows 11 and installed it with the paid installer.
  • Projection in Belgian Lambert 72 (no problem in the GCP interface here)

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards




The GCP File is also case-sensitive, so please check the case for the filename and extension both match what is in the gcp_list.txt.

Can you also ensure you’re fully up to date on the current build of WebODM?

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