GCP accuracy issues

Hello People!

I am facing a problem in getting accuracy with GCP’s with WebODM now couple of times.
The strange part is , The problem comes very randomly.

I am processing my images with GCP’s and it worked well too. But 2\10 times the data is not accurate. I tried processing the images in Pix4D also and it came perfect.

Can anyone can explain the proper reason for this problem.?

I am attaching my screenshots of same plan for different data processed in WebODM.

344.25 m is accurately processed file for 13.-03-2022, and same plans images with same GCP’s 12-03 is not accurate.

Can you describe your camera system and the settings you’re using for the flight plan as well as the processing in Pix4D?

DJI Phantom 4
The drone and camera system is default with this setup and we’re processing on ‘Default’ settings with Pix4D.


Could you share the ODM report.pdf for both successful cases and failed ones ? Having also the corresponding Pix4D report could be helpful, so we can compare outputs.

Ideally, having access to two ODM datasets (images + gcp file), again a failed and a successful case, would be best so I can reproduce the issue.



Thanks for the help.
I think I figured out the problem , It was somewhere from our side. I got proper accuracy after 3 times on that particular dataset.

But my GSD is still very high, If I Use GCP’s also. It is around 7.5 + .
Can you suggest me parameters to tweak in my processing options as shown in images.

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