Fully spherical 360° x 180° panoramas

In my head this is at least tangentially related to existing ODM functionality, but the processing and algorithms might actually be completely different. It would be very cool to have an automated way to create a photo-sphere type image. Some related links:

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It’s an interesting use-case, I was going to suggest ICE or Hugin. What’s lacking in ICE or Hugin that would justify adding such feature?

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ICE looks good but the bummer is that it is Windows only.
Hugin requires manually identifying matching points in pairs of images? Which seems time intensive?

Yes it’s unfortunate ICE is still closed source and Windows only. Who knows though, Microsoft keeps surprising of late…

For panorama stitching, some of the work of M. Kazhdan comes to mind.


I think a project for this purpose that falls under the OpenDroneMap umbrella could be interesting, but perhaps offered as a separate application from the drone image stitching?

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Some more context: 360 panoramas are mentioned in this discussion on the WeRobotics blog in the section about imagery fitness.

See this linked example.

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