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Hi everyone, I have a linux machine with webodm.

For a mistake that I don’t know where it resides, I found my hardisk with out of space.

Is there a command line way to make a list of webdom and tasks projects and delete them to get webodm to restart?

Luca Mandolesi


Hi Luca,
according with documentation WebODM processing results are stored in a docker volume, see

Try a docker volume ls to see the volumes
You can see where docker is storing a volume on linux by running docker volume inspect <volume>
To freshen everything issuing a docker volume prune on my system deletes everything and makes WebODM fresh new. Maybe better to do it with WebODM down I suppose…
Take a look at docker documentation anyway.

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Thanks for reply:
After we expand the disk still 50 GB, docker rerun but fullfills immediatly the space with and old process.
Now I’ve launched the command prune but only 24 MB are freed.
After restar the situation is this:


The only way to fix it is to encrease the disk space, GO FAST inside the dashboard and delete any projects running, quickly!

Thanks for the help.

Luca Mandolesi

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Well, 50Gb are not so much, I also see you don’t really have a linux machine but a linux in a virtual machine.
Have you ever considered to use a computer with linux as primary OS, I think that’s the real business, considering that a refurbished fujitsu with xeon, 24Gb ram, 1 SSD, 1 HD 1Tb, 1 K2200 goes for 142 eur, a mobile phone costs more…

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