Fresh Start on GPU development

Looking over everything, I think it best if I just start over from scratch (almost) on the GPU project. Here are my thoughts on setup and how to proceed. Please comment on what ideas you have on how I can do it better.

  1. Use Ubuntu 20.x. Yeah, 18 is tried and true mostly, but there are better tools now.
  2. Install from a clean slate and reinit all disks, including the NVME master.
  3. Use a separate partition for all except OS/source binaries.
    3.a. That partition will reside on two 8 TB hard drives, and use software RAID with simple striping, for better overall speed in disk access. No redundcancy (to reduce costs.)
    3.b. Put a TB swap space on those two hard drives. Yeah, that will require another partition but that’s ok.
    3.c. All files, except source will reside on that partition.

Anything I’ve left out or forgotten?

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