Fresh Install - First Processing Run - Need Help Please

Hello there everyone,

I need some guidance please. I recently Installed WebODM on my desktop computer a few days ago and am trying to get my first project to run. Initially had a few issues with hard disk space and video memory being low which I corrected. I am now trying to run 208 images from my Parrot Bebop 2 drone that I collected using Pix4D Capture.

WebODM seems to run correctly for about 78 minutes before exiting with the Code 1 notice. I have uploaded my images to my Google Drive; here’s the link: simpson_WebODM_FirstProject - Google Drive.

I am also including screenshot from WebODM from when the project stopped.

The Task Options link for tweaking on the GUI opens a blank page. Any suggestions regarding what I need to possibly tweak?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hey @todd45040 :hand: I’ve been able to process it until the end without errors, but something looks really off with the point cloud (and all subsequent outputs):

Looking at the images I’m guessing that ODM is unable to compensate for the fisheye distortion (an inspection of the camera model also shows that the camera is wrongly classified as perspective instead of fisheye).

Admittedly this needs to be improved (I’ve opened an issue here Allow users to manually specify (override) the default camera model projection_type · Issue #1018 · OpenDroneMap/ODM · GitHub). In the meanwhile, I would recommend trying to undistort the images manually with a software such as Rawtherapee before using them as input to OpenDroneMap.

So I got really intrigued by this dataset, and with the latest changes in Upgraded opensfm code, added new deps by pierotofy · Pull Request #1015 · OpenDroneMap/ODM · GitHub and passing --camera-model fisheye (available only in that dev branch) I was able to process this dataset quite nicely!

Point cloud:


Made the results available here:

These changes will probably get merged and be available in WebODM in a few weeks as they need some more testing (people are welcome to rebuild the docker images from that branch and do tests however). :+1:

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