Frequently failed datasets with Mavic 3 Enterprise RTK

I seem to be running into many limitations with either M3E, my flight planning, Lightning, or ODM itself.

I have the 3000 image tier of Lightning but it doesn’t seem to be able to handle more than 2000 images at best. And there are a lot of failed processing attempts.

Often resizing from 96dpi down to 72dpi will result in success.

Typically I use 80% or better overlaps, combined with oblique images.

I got a brand new type of error today:

Any insight on that error?

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What is the resolution (in megapixels) of the images coming out of the sensor, and what are you resizing to that seems to succeed?

Comes off sensor at 5280 x 3956, 96dpi

Have seemingly had to resize to 3960 x 2967, 72dpi for all datasets > 1900images

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Thank you.

I’ll upstream this to Piero.

Are you able to share the dataset, or a representative sample of it?

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