Freezing system

I installed Win 10 pro on my old server, 2 x Xeon L5640/ 40gig ram/ 1T SSD. Then I installed WebODM and tried a project. The computer freezes up!

Had no issues on my newer system so I don’t know what’s wrong. The mouse doesn’t move normally and can’t shut down any software. Hard reboot is the only option.

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Sounds like a bit too much load for it.

Have you memchecked it to be sure all the RAM is still good?

Another thing you can do on older platforms like that is to lower the priority of all the WebODM processes (and python instances) to Lowest priority so they don’t steal as much CPU time. It can help keep things more responsive.

I’m starting think that 24 threads is to much with only 40gigs ram. But when it’s gone five minutes the ram use goes down.

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How can I lower the priority?

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Open Task Manager, go to Details tab, right click all the python processes and right click, Set Priority, Low.

Be aware that some processes will spawn later on that will be at Normal or Below Normal priority and may lock things up.

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