FPC Filter, long time to process

Hi there,

I am just unning a set of 236 Images on my WEBODM. It really takes a long time, i was expecting about 8 -15 hours from my previous Datasets about this size. I’m at neary a day now and I’m not sure which of my settings causes it to take so long. It is showing me the task FPCFilter in the Taskmanager since i opend it this morning. Maybe someone can help me or maybe explain me what FPCfilter and which setting is taking so much time. (Screenshots of GUI, Task manager and my Ram and CPU attached)

Thank you in advance and Best!


I’d recommend not to use pc-quality: ultra. (High is sufficient for most datasets).


been using ulta for all my last datasets. But i’ll give it a try when this one ends on high to compare

Any Idea about the FPCfilter ?

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