FOSS4G Bucharest 2019

I know some people are planning to attend this upcoming summer.

Are you planning to attend?


I’ll be there!


I will be there also :smiley: booking accommodation this week, flights soon…

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quick update - I land in Bucharest Saturday, and so far have Tuesday free. Reach out on telegram/twitter/signal/whatever. I also have some days after the conference, with some plans of wandering the carpathians.

After reading Romania’s drone flying rules I didn’t pack one!

I won’t be able to come to FOSS4G this year :frowning: but hope to make it at the next one.

Due to budget, I am guilty of the same! I’m sorry Adam — I should have liked to see you.

Sorry to hear, @pierotofy and @smathermather ! It would have been great to catch up!

I am writing my talk till Friday morning, it’s about ‘PDAL + Entwine in the wild’, so will raise ODM as a place where its found. Let me know if I can do any other ambassadoring…

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The split-merge / distributed split merge work that Piero has been working on this summer is kinda epic.

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