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Hello, everyone. I think I have a very simple question for those people, who really understand how 3D works.

Could anyone explain to me the difference between odm_texturing and odm_texturing_25d folders? I didn’t find anything useful about this in the documentation.

Great question!

odm_texturing contains a full 3D textured mesh. This is a mesh that has been reconstructed with the Poisson Surface Reconstruction algorithm.

odm_texturing_25d contains a 2.5D mesh. This mesh gets created with dem2mesh ( By default, the 2.5D mesh is used to generate the orthophoto (which tends to work better than the full 3D mesh). You can pass --use-3dmesh to generate an orthophoto using the full 3D mesh (and skip the 2.5D mesh generation).


Got it! Thank you for the answer!
I just noticed that model inside folder odm_texturing_25d is more smoothly, that’s why I was interested in that question :slight_smile:

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