"Fly Through" Video Advice

Good afternoon,

I am looking for a guide on creating a fly through type video for a .obj file. I have tried following some tutorials on Blender but there is nothing specific to a larger object or more complex camera movements that I have found.

If anyone knows of a resource or perhaps a software with less of a learning curve I’d be interested to hear about it. I’m hoping to create either a short video or a gif of a building and some property just to showcase what is possible.




Welcome, James!

Hmm… What in specific are you having difficulty with? Deciding how you want to move, or the implementation-level things like setting keyframes, choosing interpolation types, etc?

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Cloudcompare does animations too. But if you watch this video through on half speed a few times, pausing and following along, you’ll be able to do any sort of animations in blender:

Smooth, glorious, perfect animations with minimal fuss.


I have created and viewed an animation in WebODM, but is there a way to produce an mpg or similar export, or do I need to do it in other software like Blender?

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I managed to grab a copy of the animation I made in WebODM with Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10, which worked ok, apart from the giant task name across the bottom at the start. It can be viewed without that by dragging the progress bar back to the start to replay the video. Unfortunately there is no way to record it without all the menu items as ‘PLAY’ gets hidden with the menu.



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