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I use a Hubsan Zino Mini se, and have no means(?) to take photos based on “distance”. As such, since I fly at the slowest speed and watch my shots … one thousand one, one thousand 2, click. This works unless I get interrupted. I haven’t tried tap-fly, since I think the “save”, command(after doing the tapping), is not a downloadable txt file I might manipulate, and is lost once the drone is turned off, not reusable on multiple days.

One of my latest flights indicated a few “gaps”, where from one photo to the next, there appears a slight gap. I have plenty Flight Lines and can seek out a replacement photo(flew the site 6-7 times in the past 2 weeks). 2 acres …

On one flight line, and at a critical place where computations stopped(the break where things are mapped and not mapped, I experienced three of these breaks.
Flight Line one good
Flight Line 2 a gap(critical) non-photo
Flight Line 3 a gap(critical) non-photo/properly spaced is in project(0054 … 0056(0055 skipped)
Flight Line 4 a gap(critical) non-photo

Is there a way that photos that are actually in the project list of photos, are not place on the map and is there a way to find if not, how I can find this photo.

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You might benefit from using either DroneDB Desktop (Pricing - DroneDB) or QGIS’ Import Geotagged Images processing tool to map/visualize image centroids.

My overlap N-S & E-W are marginal(about 70%) to very good overlap(about 90%), as such that even if the missing(?), photo is unusable, that the physical location of the camera, should be indicated.

In areas were no photos were computed/used, the camera locations are still indicated.

I’m looking at about a dozen photos, that are in the project file, not showing a camera location.

I realize or suspect these problems will disappear if/when I can make use of mission planning … but that’s in the future.

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