Fish eye distorted model. HELP

Hi everyone.
I wanted to know if there is any possible way to remove fish eye from photos.

I am currently releasing models with the following photos (attached some of them).

the problem is that I can’t find options to calibrate the image or tell webodm the focal point of my camera.
reason why webodm generates the models like this:

Anyone knows how to solve this? that is, the model appears flat …

Thank you very much in advance!!

When you process your images, make sure to use the --camera-lens fisheye parameter/task setting.

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yes, i use the --camera-lens fisheye parameter, but the problem persist
my opstions are these:

I also use a gcp_list with control points.
but the final model is still curved … :

Mm, that was my best guess. Perhaps there’s something going on with the GCPs. It’s difficult to tell without the input images and a copy of the GCP file.


mm ok, i share my input data:

in that link I leave my photos and my gcp list…
any idea what may be going on?

Thanks in advance!