First Test - Having Not Enough Memory Issues

Hi Everyone,

I hope you can help, I trying to process my first set of images.
Issue I am having is the not enough memory…

I have read some other folk struggling so here is the sep up - hopefully you guys can help!

I think I may have clicked that I have the Mac chip when I downloaded but I don’t think I have actually (Intel i7 instead) is that the problem?

MacPro 2020, 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, 16 GB 3733 MHz LPDDR4X,

I went into the Docker and increased:
Memory 10
Swap 2
Disk image 254gb

I have in total 1727 images 22gb for processing.

Thanks so much!


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Welcome, Nick!

The WebODM for MacOS installer will use Docker on the backend, which will grab the right Docker images automatically for your platform, so no worries.

10GB RAM is not going to be nearly enough for almost 2,000 images, especially if they’re 12MP or more.

You might have to downsize the images quite heavily on that amount of RAM…

Another option might be split/merge. I’d venture that you should probably not exceed 150 images per group with that amount of RAM.


Hi, thanks for your reply.

I was naive to believe that my Mac was fast enough to handle this as it handles video editing.

Yes it is 12MP, so I will have to split these up and then Merge as you mention.

Thanks for your advice



Not naive, this is just a very different problem space compared to what most folks are used to, you know?

You (reasonably) thought that if your computer was good enough for image and video editing, it’s good enough for this. Many folks think a gaming setup means they can process whatever they want at whatever settings they want since it can run x game.

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