Finding power lines?

I’ve seen pointclouds on LinkedIn where they can see and find power lines.

What does it take to capture so thin objects?




So it’s not possible with images?

Short answer: I don’t know. I would guess it is, but it would require some dedicated algorithms.


Would be interesting to run a job with couple of images and see the unfiltered point cloud. However I rather not fly around the power lines so if anyone has a couple of images, I’ll gladly start a data processing.


I think it might be possible with semanitc segmentation, since without it we can get pretty fine features, but the overall reconstruction is greatly improved by semantic segmentation/masking:

No masking of Pylon:

Masking of Cell Tower (note the wire and wire bundles):

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I see power lines in my orthos, but they are usually very disjointed, which I put partly down to them moving slightly due to wind and partly due to the processing, which doesn’t do a good job of joining them up into a single line.
The power pole is a mess too.

(view in a new tab to see full size)

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Mine were always messy, also with stitching sotware for traditional photography, same with ODM.

Artistic blur on the pole ?

They can mess other objects too, the hedge is continuous as its shadow should be…

Weirdly enough the hedge issue only appears on one run, other renderings with the same set of photos don’t have this issue. I didn’t save the settings though.

The powerlines are always broken and misaligned, maybe the fact that they are at a 45% angle ?

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