Fetching coordinates from 3d image using 2d image in ODM

how to get the coordinates of an object from 3d image if I mark a polygon around the object in 2d orthomosaic image?

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You can open the pointcloud/mesh in CloudCompare and pick points there and export to dxf. You can also draw lines and export.

You can also use the orto and dsm in QGis.

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this is available in ODM or Web ODM?

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The WebODM UI has some tools for measuring that Andreas is referring to.

But can you pick points and export in WebODM?

You can get point location information, yes.

But no export. I thought I missed something.

CloudCompare is really a goldmine for pointcloud editing.


Can you also tell me how can we convert 2d coordinates to 3d coordinates?

And how can I get the elevation map data using ODM?

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If you’re working with just ODM, you’ll need to pass the proper flags:

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