Features matched vs time taken per match

I’ve noticed that number of features matched bears no obvious relationship to the time taken to do the match.
Here’s a plot of about 300 matches from the middle of my current task, with false, ie <20 features matched, removed, so only showing successful matches.

I’m wondering why matching 120000 features can take significantly less time than matching ~100, or even less than ~20, in some cases?


Another demonstration of the unpredictability of the matching process duration,


INFO: Matched 9981 pairs (brown-brown: 9981) in 111022.2252237 seconds
11.123356900601141 seconds/pair).


INFO: Matched 20350 pairs (brown-brown: 20350) in 5739.9312983 seconds (0.2820605061081081 seconds/pair)


INFO: Matched 903 pairs (brown-brown: 903) in 77334.59451540001 seconds (85.64185439180511 seconds/pair)

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