[Feature Requests] ODM_Filterpoints

ODM_Filterpoints seems to always be a huge bottleneck when running big datasets. Hopefully in the future someone can figure this out. Unfortunately I’m unable to contribute with coding on this.

Only one core seems to be in use when on a multi core system, causing big costs when running big datasets on the cloud.

Not sure if this is “OK” here, but I just found out that WebODM or ODM is on BountySource.com

I have added $50 dollars towards parallelizing ODM_Filterpoints at some point.

Thank you.


Hey @korn704 :hand: thanks for posting a bounty! Everything helps.

Time ago I started a branch to parallelize filterpoints, but never finished it.

If somebody picks it up it would be awesome. I don’t have a timeline for completing it myself, but it’s certainly a bottleneck we need to improve.