Feature request: Photo camera locations map


thank you for this amazing project!

One feature that is not dramatically important but would be “great to have” would be a way to display photo camera locations on the map.
Seeing where the UAV actually took the photos (according to EXIF data) can be quite revealing when trying to understand quality issues in your outputs. I sometimes use QGIS’ Photo2Shape for this kind of task, but it is not a convenient solution, and not easy to install on Windows.

Optional further improvements could include:

  • ability to graphically (de-) select photos after the initial upload before processing begins (e.g. when you notice that some photos are actually in locations irrelevant for what you need)
  • ability to click on camera/photo location marker to get (preview of) photo
  • ability to display photo camera positions in 3d view
  • ability to visualize which points in point cloud where captured by which camera

… but for now, a simple layer with a marker for each photo location would already be great!

Thanks a lot,


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FYI OpenSfM just added a new feature that saves the camera positions in a ply, so the 3d view would be a trivial addition to this request.

Great suggestions, I’ve opened an issue on Github: https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/WebODM/issues/312