Feature request. Measurements

Maybe this is redundant. I get pretty frustrated about marking a polygon for measurements and then my click speed is not perfect and I waste the time that I have very carefully taken to mark an object usually for volume measurement in my case. The poly closes and I cannot edit the points. It is a huge time bandit and a source of frustration having to delete and start over.
So, my request is to be able to edit a polygon within the measurement tool in 2d mode. Thanks.

Or use QGis

I do not care for the qgis volume tool. You have mentioned it to me before I think in a thread. I tried it and do not like it.

Sometimes you just need to learn the tool to appreciate it. It may take some time.

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And sometimes people will not agree with you. It doesn’t mean you are dull. It just means they do not agree.

Thanks, Some day I will finally learn the correct procedure.

Let’s agree to disagree!


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