Feature Request - Downloaded File Names

When downloading files from a finished WebODM or Lightning job, it would be helpful if the downloaded file names could take the form of the project name. I’ve run several mapping updates to a construction site, and they all have the same file name in the Downloads folder. I have to carefully rename each download as it occurs to insure that I get the right download in the right local update folder.


I would like that to. It’s very difficult to keep track of the results right now


I agree, with the recent improvements in processing speed and wider acceptance of the techniques and output quality more data sets are being captured. The increase in data volume creates more opportunities for miss handling products. Generic file naming such as All.zip or Orthophot.tiff are not a very descriptive in regards to the project name.
It’s a good feature request. Not sure what the process would like to implement to append the project name into the outputs.
Even if it was included in the output meta data, project name, date and time processed, software build version, +…
Thoughts? @smathermather @saijin_Naib @pierotofy ?