Feature Request: Diagnostics Info

Minor (but probably not so simple to implement) feature request that could be really helpful in figuring out if things are working properly.

Background: My server is nowhere nearby, and no matter what I try, I can’t get a remote desktop environment to work properly.

It would be fantastic to have one more metric added to the diagnostics page: CPU Usage (%)

Cherry-on-top would be all 3 metrics showing as charts over time to see if a processing glitch was due to a gradual build up of resource utilization (need more resources) or a dramatic spike (need different settings)

Possibly even better (but maybe i’m getting greedy) would be an indication of how much of each resource was being used by each processing task (over time of course)

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I support this feature request (diagnostics over time) which would have helped me debugging my processing with WebODM freshly installed on a cloud computing Service (UH-iaas). A hung-up task (150 images) was caused by a shortage of space storage on a 16Gb-RAM, 20Gb-storage instance. I could have seen this coming with plots of Memory and Storage (+ CPU usage?) variation over time.

I’d recommend looking into a proper monitoring solution for that. There are lots out there; I use a combination of LibreNMS and Icinga1, though all the cool kids are using Prometheus and Grafana. There’s also (from the top of my head in no particular order) Pandora FMS, Nagios, Icinga2, Sensu, OpenITCockpit, OpenNMS, Zabbix,Observium, Netdata, Shinken, Alignak, Zenoss Core… probably heaps more that I’ve forgotten.

Some are great, some are not so great, but you’ll be better off with one of those for general metrics than something that’s self-monitoring.