Feature Extraction and Matching - images


I’m looking for images of feature extraction and matching process for my presentation. Especially if I can generate these images for my project files processed with WebODM/OpenDroneMap. Is there a way for generating such images from OpenSfM output?

Something like this: https://docs.opencv.org/3.4.3/matcher_result2.jpg

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Has your problem been solved yet ? because I have a same one…

I don’t have a concrete step-by-step solution for you, but a predominate amount of my work involves analyzing UAV captured data and I may have some good input/direction for your project if you are able to offer up specific deliverables/tasks you want to complete?

What imagery are you capturing and what do you want to do with it? What is the purpose behind your feature extraction?

I’am intend to use the ODMdata provided by Github (include close shot images and UAV captured images) to test ODM with its feature extraction and matching speed. And I also want to test the processing speed of ODM‘s feature extraction algorithms.(But I don’t know which algorithm it is using…do you have any idea ? )